Tuesday, June 29, 2010

RedHead Girl - making

Somehow, this girl's face remind me so much of my puppy Allie. They look a like in a weird way. Maybe it's just the facial expression that resembles. This puppet is currently resting by my window waiting for me to finish her background.

. - making

This puppet is two puppets (one dead and the other one looking at it) connected to each other as one. The picture below is right after it is taken out from the oven still in wire form. The above is a close up shot of the dead one (it's the one that is lying down). I've never painted anyone so pale like this and I actually like this face a lot. I still haven't figured out the right title for it. Deciding on a title is always the hardest part!

Two Heads - making

This is the snap shot of the puppet that I made recently. The puppet is almost finished and I am working on the background (box) to go with it.

Self Curled

The finished picture of Self Curled

Self Curled - making

This girl with redhead is about 31 inches long. The longest puppet I have ever made! I usually use a letter size paper to sketch out the structure for the piece but for this one I had to tape three pieces of paper. This was my first time using a sewing machine to make the costume of my puppet. Without it, I don’t think I could’ve finished sewing in couple of hours. This picture was taken right before I made her curl.

A girl with a bunny

Smashing Head

Speed core + Jazz

Don't Hurt Me

Clay puppet on clay tongue

This piece was originally a painting that I did in undergrad. I was going thorough difficult time back then in communicating with people and I was hurt emotionally very often. However, I really liked the painting that I did. I come up with better idea when I'm more sensitive and vulnerable.

Balloon Girl


Acrylic on canvas

A lady in a park

Photography of the puppet composited with charcoal drawing

Crying Cloud Girl

Crying cloud head girl in a yellow chair. The three little people are drawn on paper with markers and are made to stand by themselves. I was surprised to see how they look so natural in the picture with nice shadows. I have thoset same purple converse shoes.


My classrooms in high school were always very cramped. Full of people who I didn't even like.